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Basic Privacy Rights

Your Privacy Rights

We believe you have the right to visit our site with a reasonable expectation of some anonymity, and therefore privacy. However, we do keep track of certain statistics gleaned from all of our visitors. We do this through the simple expediency of a "hit counter."

The information we collect is not personally identifiable, and includes only those things we need to help us build a better website to serve you. We collect information such as the time and date of your visit, dwell time on the site, incoming path if you came in from a standard search engine, your operating system, browser version, time zone, display capabilities and your ISP provider's IP. All this comes as raw data and is not traceable back to any individual visitor.

We don't use cookies here. Although I like the concept of the Keebler elves, unless you are dipping their products in your coffee while you visit our site, they should have no place in your viewing experience at Zyloo Enterprises.

Yeah. I know it seems like a lot of information, but the blunt truth is we use one of the least intrusive (but still visible) hit counters on the web, and the information we gather is freely provided by your computer and browser. There are some ways to stop your system from regurgitating this stuff, but that's beyond the scope of this page. Some quality time with Google (or my personal favorite, Dogpile) will provide a lot more information on what to do and how to stop most of that behavior. I strongly advise caution here, though. Some edits and adjustments to your operating system or browser may also render it inoperative.

Our Privacy Rights

We have some privacy rights here, too. We have the right to expect you to visit our site and use it in the fashion it was intended.

Much of this will be covered in the expanded copyright information page, but we need to mention here that not only is the visible content and the structure of the site ours, but only those pages and elements offered through clickable hyperlinks are intended for public viewing and use. In short, we ask that you respect our work and privacy as much as we do yours. Please don't go hunting for that which is not readily available, nor link elements from this site anyplace else. It's really tough on our bandwidth, fully not authorized ... and rude as the devil as well.

In conclusion

Short and sweet? Enjoy your visit, and we'll mind our own business, and everything will work out just fine.

From the coffee (and blood) stained desk, here at the Tangled Web,



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