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Basic Copyrights

Our copyrights

Basically, everything on this site, photos, graphics, text, html, css, code, etc. is copyrighted by Tangled Web News and Images, and we reserve all rights.

Your usage permissions

You may visit, read, look, laugh, enjoy and even shout in high indignation if you please ... but you may not copy, steal, borrow, extensively quote, or otherwise misuse, abuse, lift, pilfer or nick anything on this site ... including material not directly linked.

If you have any questions about that concept, please see the Privacy Policy page.

In conclusion

Short and sweet? Enjoy your visit, but respect not only the letter of the law, but its intent as well, and we'll all get along just fine.

Otherwise, I can tell you from previous experience, copyright/patent attorneys are a very specialized and expensive breed. They're a bit hard to find, quite relentless when provoked, and share several personality traits with a good junkyard dog.

However, I have also discovered that when they are necessary, they are mercilessly effective, and well worth their cost.

So ... with that said ...

From the coffee (and blood) stained desk, here at the Tangled Web,



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